We are thrilled to share some of our favorites from other mom-owned businesses!



Lane Weichman is an award-winning family and newborn photographer in Springville, Alabama.  She has been photographing Sawyer&Finn items (and Flowermill Dresses) since our very first releases and has become a dear friend.  We are honored to recommend her for family, newborn, and brand photography.

Jessica Woodham Photography

Melanie Sajnog, Capturing Life Photography

Julie Jourdan Photography


Other Shops We Love:


Stainless Steel dishes, designed by Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, that are as fun and beautiful as they are safe for your kiddos!  


Hawaii-based clothing company with gorgeous, luxurious pieces for your summer vacation, party, or beachy style daily wear.  We especially recommend their robes and wraps!