As I've said from the get go, S&F isn't just about clothes... it's about encouraging our boys to be adventurous, to explore the world around them, and to grow to be men of character.  Our motto: "Be strong.  Be courageous.  Be kind." exemplifies the character traits that I hope to see develop through teaching, experience, and strategic role models.  So how do we teach STRENGTH, COURAGE, and most of all KINDNESS?  As a mom of three boys (and a girl!), I think often about how I might better instill these values in my boys lives so they become not just an act, but a habit.  I want strength, courage, and kindness to come natural to them... and even when it's tough, that they would choose to do the right thing, to be brave, to stand up for their friend, to see needs and do their best to meet them.

#strongcourageouskind Charity Partners is a way that we can open our boys' eyes to need that exists.  By experiencing, through pictures and reading about children in the US and around the world, I hope that they will know a bit better how to empathize, to be grateful, to pray, and to act to make a difference in the lives of others.

A portion of proceeds from our #strongcourageouskind motto tee will be given back to our charity partner as a way to not only remind of these values each time the shirt is worn, but tangibly do good in this broken world.  Check back soon to learn more about our featured charity, The Joseph School, a non-profit school in Haiti that aims to give world-class education, leadership skills, and nurturing Christian values to empower their students out of poverty and to become skilled leaders in their communities.

Katherine Gregory